"Can't we all just get a bong?" Maybe soon...

With so much news lately about cannabis becoming legal for medical and recreational use across the country – how will you know which program is right for you?

Here in Arizona, we face the very real possibility of marijuana going recreational in 2016 with signatures being collected to put a proposal up for a state vote in the coming months – making a few major changes to how the industry will do business here.

Those of you who already participate in Arizona’s Medical Marijuana program know the value that it holds, but you may be wondering what the future would hold for you once things “go recreational” in our state. We’re here to make it fast and easy for you to understand!

To fully explain, first we have to discuss the current cannabis situation in the country.

The reason recreational cannabis has been such a widespread success in America has been…not quite what you may think.

We all know marijuana makes you feel better, whether you have a serious illness or not. It’s also becoming quite indisputable that marijuana is one of the safest substances known to mankind – and that not one single death has been directly attributed to cannabis use, ever.

So why, then, would this movement of natural happiness and healing be growing (pardon the pun) so quickly, and gaining favor on both sides of the political aisle? It’s simple, really.

Recreational cannabis is taxable, and the collected money goes to state programs that are in desperate need of funding!

Most states use the money for boosting and supporting their school systems, law enforcement & public safety improvements and youth education programs.

In Colorado, over 100 million dollars a month was being made from taxing recreational marijuana as of October of this past year…millions of dollars of improvements to public health and education programs have already been made and more are on the way, according to Colorado state officials.

Right now, lawmakers in Arizona are looking at those numbers up in Colorado – and wanting a chance to fully fund our own education system, which has been falling behind most U.S. states for several years. Giving a boost to our police and firefighters wouldn’t hurt, either!

So, now we know why the idea holds so much merit – but why would it make a difference to Medical Marijuana card holders?

When you get your certification for a MMJ card and visit a dispensary like High Desert Healing in Lake Havasu City, you’ve already been through a process and paid a fee to the state of Arizona. Your medical condition has qualified you for the natural treatment options that our products offer – and we focus on bringing you strains that are effective for a wide range of issues.

When recreational marijuana hits Arizona – you won’t see too big of a change at HDH as a Medical Marijuana card holder. We may have a few extra strains to choose from and a wider variety of edible products, but you’ll still get medication that is high-quality and always available at prices you love!

Typically, though, the state government adds a 40% to 60% tax increase on the price of recreational marijuana – in order to fund programs in need. This means, for example, if you buy a gram of flower from the “Medical” side of HDH as a card holder at $10 – the “Recreational” side of HDH would have to sell that same gram for $14 to $16 to a non-card holder.

Another thing to consider is that recreational cannabis strains typically focus on high THC content – getting that “high” feeling – while medical strains will typically focus on cannabinoids like CBD, which have much higher healing value!

Don’t worry, though – High Desert Healing will always be your trusted friend when it comes to Cannabis in Lake Havasu City! Medical or Recreational – you know you’ll always find the best quality products, service and prices with us in 2016 and beyond!

Stay Well!



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