At High Desert Healing in Lake Havasu City, we always strive to bring you the latest products for your Medical Cannabis needs! Our dedicated staff is constantly on the lookout for more products that can help with ailments like arthritis, chronic pain, nausea, epilepsy, migraine headaches & so much more – and now we’ve expanded our selection again!

Several medical studies suggest that using a vaporization system (commonly known as “vaping” or a “vape rig”) can specifically help with nerve pain and nerve damage-related ailments. This includes methods like heating ground cannabis flower to a temperature that allows essential oils and cannabinoids to activate, using a pre-filled liquid cartridge from companies like O.Pen or Clear, or using a specially designed water pipe and “dabbing” concentrate waxes & oils.

We’re proud to offer tons of choices for your pre-filled vape needs, and there are several to choose from at our Havasu location!

There’s been a lot of focus on quality and flavor lately from the companies who make our products – and the Craft500Hybriddifference is very easy to see – selections start around $25 with disposable slim line pens and run all the way up to our higher end choices for those of discriminating taste!

The Craft Reserve line by O.Pen is one of those products we are SO happy to offer. Right away, you can tell this is a different kind of vape cartridge that has thought and effort behind it. It feels good in your hand, with a weight that screams quality – and each batch of the 90% pure THC oil is “micro brewed”, distilled & filtered for the best possible preservation of terpenes and strain flavors! It has a metal drip-tip that gives the draw a clean & cool feeling – while adding to the overall distinctive look & experience of an upgraded choice!

KIND750Don’t want to shell out as much, but still want awesome potency & reliability? Check out the K.I.N.D. Concentrates pens – we have them in 350mg and 750mg, with several different strains to enjoy! They’re futuristic looking, very tasty and so easy to use – the best part is you just toss them out when you’re finished, no recharging or refilling!

Timeless Vapes has changed the Vape market a little with their “liquid shatter” products, their TimelessIndicateam has taken the same waxes & oils you know from our “dabbing” menu – and turned them into liquid-filled cartridges. The result is a thicker & far more potent resin that you can use with your rechargeable battery – each hit is like taking a dab from an “oil rig” and keeps the complex terpenes that you love from each strain they offer!

Still not sure what the whole “Vape Life” is all about? The love of vaporizing is expanding rapidly in the marijuana industry – with options that allow patients to enjoy their medicating needs, without having to smoke a joint or pack a bong. There’s very little needed to get started, in most castes just a battery & cartridge – no larger than a stylus…and many of our patients say they appreciate how each hit is the same, allowing for more accurate dosing throughout the day!

Got more questions? No problem! Ask our Med Tenders for a tour today…you won’t be disappointed when you come in to High Desert Healing, Lake Havasu’s trusted¬†Medical Marijuana source!

Stay Well!

Welcome to Wellness, make yourself at home!
Welcome to Wellness, make yourself at home!




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