An open letter to Arizona Representative Jay Lawrence (R – Scottsdale) from our Director of Education, Laric Lehmann:

Representative Lawrence,Arizona-Medical-Marijuana-Program

As the Director of Education for High Desert Healing, the Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Lake Havasu City, I see the real stories of healing every day that our patients share with us.

These stories are of people who were ruined by their medical conditions – financially ruined by conventional medical costs, physically destroyed by the ravages of their diseases, emotionally & spiritually decimated by a system that left them in pain and afraid to enjoy life.

Each and every one of those stories ends with their experience with our dispensary – a story of how they reclaimed their quality of life, got rid of pain pills and actually feel better. I, too, have suffered from degenerative osteoarthritis & a variety of disorders that once left me bedridden at 38 years old – too weak from pain and nausea to function. I’m 41 years old now and didn’t think I would make it to where I am today – until I started treatment with marijuana.

Medical cannabis brings hope to these people, Representative Lawrence. It brought hope to me and gave me some freedom from my overwhelming pain.

Let me share with you why bill HCR2019 is a terrible decision for the state of Arizona – and for the citizens of Arizona you claim to support:

Reducing the certification requirement to 6 months would put an extra financial burden on medical marijuana patients that they would not be able to bear. Doubling the cost will also mean patients will have to re-certify with a medical professional twice a year – a service that typically costs $100.

This would bring the total cost to roughly $500 a year – to just maintain the marijuana program’s endorsement – not to mention the cost of medication itself.

I would also like to express that it would be a poor decision to limit the type of medical professional that can recommend the medical marijuana program to patients in need. Taking certification ability away from Naturopathic (ND) and Homeopathic (HMD) professionals would only allow doctors of medicine (MD) and osteopathic doctors (DO) to provide the service.

On the surface, the idea may seem an attempt to reduce the number of unnecessary certifications from taking place throughout Arizona – however this change in our current medical marijuana program puts MD’s and DO’s in a situation where they may not feel legally able to certify patients.

The Federal Controlled Substances Act explains that Doctors of Medicine and Osteopathic Doctors are not permitted to recommend cannabis – a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance under current federal law – or risk losing their medical licenses.

This seemingly simple pair of changes to Arizona’s Medical Marijuana program would effectively shut it down and turn tens of thousands of current patients back to criminal behavior to purchase their medication off the streets.

I do not notice anywhere in your proposed bill where you have set aside money for the increased need in police, EMS and medical care for the new rash of street crime that will be created if the bill is passed…although I am sure the criminal element that sells marijuana will heartily thank you for their newfound success.

Throw out bill HCR2019, Representative Jay Lawrence, the state of Arizona cannot afford it.

To read the actual AZ HCR2019 proposed bill, visit HCR2019

To get in touch with Arizona Representative Jay Lawrence & express your thoughts about this proposed bill, visit his official Arizona Legislature page and call, fax or email him today. Share this post with family and friends!

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