Since High Desert Healing in Lake Havasu City opened a few years ago, we’ve always worked hard to bring you the best that the Medical Cannabis community has to offer. From the ever-growing menu of strains and edibles to new products and medicating systems – we love providing you with everything you need to keep healthy, naturally!Delivery1

We know that sometimes it can be hard to get down to our dispensary, the aches & pains of everyday life can get tough to deal with…and it’s not always easy to get a Caregiver to assist you with your medication.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our newest feature:

Say HELLO to High Desert Healing’s Havasu Delivery!

It’s finally here – you can pick up the phone and make an order…and we can bring it right to your door! Getting beat by the heat? Feeling too achy to drive? No problem – we’ve now got you covered…and it’s SO easy!

There’s a few details: Cash only, please. Deliveries will be made every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday – with 2 runs each weekday & one on Sunday. Orders placed from 10AM to Noon will be delivered around 1PM, and orders placed from Noon until 4:20PM will be delivered after 5PM – so you can make it home after a hard day’s work!Delivery2

On Sundays – call in your order from 10AM to Noon, and we’ll start delivering right around 12:30PM! Relax at home – we’ve got your back!

Orders placed after cutoff times will be scheduled for the next delivery shift, or placed on the next delivery day’s list, so no worries!

You can order anything off our regular menu – from edibles to tinctures, lab-tested flower & concentrates, vape products – all of your favorite HDH products are ready to go!

Deliveries within the general Lake Havasu area will have a minimum order of $45, and there’s a $5 delivery fee…that means you can order 3.5 grams of a top shelf strain and we’ll bring it right to you at home for just $50 total!

We can’t bring a delivery to any address but the one listed on your AZ MMJ card – this means no businesses, restaurants, hotels or public places – we want to make sure you’re safe when you receive your Wellness!

And – never fear – we won’t show up at your house in a big green van with a giant pot leaf on the side…our delivery crew is discreet and professional & drive unmarked, everyday vehicles!

Interested in being able to Stay Well from home? Head over to our online menu – then just pick up the phone and let us know what you’d like!Phone HDH HQ

Deliveries are a special kind of HDH service, so besides the Armed Forces Veteran discount (5%), we can’t offer any daily specials when we come to your door…but those smiling Med Tender faces you’ve come to trust will bring you the high-quality medication you want, so everybody’s happy!

Give us a call at 928-453-WEED & we’ll get you started!

It’s a new era at High Desert Healing, Lake Havasu’s Trusted Source for Medical Marijuana – we’ll see you soon!








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