faq_smallHere’s a list of some of the most common questions you might have about our delivery service at High Desert Healing in Lake Havasu City, Arizona:

Q: When can I order for delivery?

A: You can place an order any time by calling 928-453-9333; Your order will be put in the next available delivery slot.

Q: When do you make deliveries?

A: We make delivery runs 5 times a week – every Tuesday & Thursday we will take orders out starting around 12:30 and again at 5pm. Sundays our drivers will begin delivering just after Noon.

Q: Do I have to “register” for delivery service?

A: All we ask is that you come in to our dispensary at least once to fill out your first-time patient information – OR already be a current HDH patient. No extra steps, just call us if you have a current Arizona Medical Marijuana card!

Q: Is there a delivery fee and/or minimum order?

A: The minimum order is $45, with a $5 delivery fee for Lake Havasu deliveries.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? Can I use a debit or credit card?

A: We can only accept cash for our delivery service.

Q: Can I get Happy Hour prices or other Daily Specials like Shatterday with a delivery?

A: Because HDH delivery is a special service that we provide for your convenience, we can only offer the Armed Forces Veteran (5%) discount with a delivery order. We think it’s a great deal to only spend $50 and get amazing medication right at your door!

Q: What can I order and have delivered to me?

A: Anything on our regular menu – edibles, flower, concentrates, vape products…even things like our T-shirts and smoking accessories!

Q: Can you bring me anything else, like a drink or some chips?

A: Not at this time, although we are working on some ideas for the future!

Q: I just placed an order at 10AM, will my order be here in the next 30 minutes?

A: Although we’d love to come out right away, we want to make our delivery service available to as many patients as possible – that’s why we make delivery runs 2 times a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, one run on Sundays. Your order will leave our dispensary at around 12:30 and, depending on when you called and how busy things are, will be delivered in the order it was received.

Q: I’m calling from work, can I have you meet me at home after I get there?

A: Of course! Our second delivery run of the day during the week isn’t until after 5 – so you’ll have time to kick back and relax!

Q: I called in an order after your cutoff time – when will I get it?

A: If you call after Noon on Tuesday or Thursday, your order will be delivered during our evening shift that day – after 5. If you call after 4:20 on these days, your order will go out during the next available delivery shift. Orders placed after Noon on Sundays will be put on the Tuesday morning schedule.

Q: I’m calling from a friend’s house – can you bring my order here?

A: We can only bring deliveries to the address listed on your official Arizona Medical Marijuana identification card – for the vast majority of people, this is their home address. This also means no deliveries to restaurants, hotels, businesses or public places.

Q: Why?

A: The safety, privacy and well-being of our patients is of the utmost importance to us. Our drivers want to make sure they are delivering to a known location where they, and you, will also be safe: Your home.

Q: My neighbors don’t know I use Medical Cannabis, and I’m worried about using delivery service because they might find out!

A: Our delivery vehicles are completely unmarked, with no HDH logos or other markings. There’s no giant light-up marijuana leaf for the roof of our delivery fleet, and we won’t be advertising what we are doing at your house. Our drivers are the same friendly, helpHappy Patient3 resizeful Med Tenders you’ve come to trust at the dispensary – you’ll recognize them & they’ll be completely professional!

Q: Can I email in an order, or use social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to place an order?

A: We can only accept and fill orders that are placed by calling (928)453-WEED.

Q: Can I tip my driver for awesome service?

A: Absolutely! Gratuity for your driver is not included in the delivery fee.

Q: Do you deliver anywhere outside of Lake Havasu City, Arizona?

A: At this time, we only have drivers available for in-town deliveries – BUT our service for Parker, Bullhead City, Quartzsite & more will be available within a few weeks. Deliveries to “out-of-town” areas will be made every other week – stay tuned for more details soon! Don’t worry – we are working very hard to bring you Wellness!

Q: I have other questions that aren’t covered here – what do I do?

A: Call us at 928-453-9333 and Stay Well!














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