CBD and You: A Closer Look At Cannabidiol!

It seems you can’t read the news lately without seeing an article about a family using CBD oil to help their epileptic child, or a scientific study showing an ever-growing list of benefits from CBD therapy. Maybe you’ve had friends or family members telling you about special strains of cannabis like “Charlotte’s Web” or “Cannatonic” […]

Cannabis Science 101: The Physics & Chemistry of the Joint

When a joint gets passed around, it tends to bring out the armchair scientists. Everyone has a theory. And most theories sound like they come straight from the mind of Ron Slater, Dazed and Confused’s stoner historian. There’s the temperature theorist, who’s convinced you’ve got to keep the joint hot. And the long-toke artist. And […]

Medical Vs. Recreational – The Future of Cannabis!

With so much news lately about cannabis becoming legal for medical and recreational use across the country – how will you know which program is right for you? Here in Arizona, we face the very real possibility of marijuana going recreational in 2016 with signatures being collected to put a proposal up for a state […]