Cannabis Science 101: The Physics & Chemistry of the Joint

When a joint gets passed around, it tends to bring out the armchair scientists. Everyone has a theory. And most theories sound like they come straight from the mind of Ron Slater, Dazed and Confused’s stoner historian. There’s the temperature theorist, who’s convinced you’ve got to keep the joint hot. And the long-toke artist. And […]

HCR2019 and Arizona’s MMJ Program

An open letter to Arizona Representative Jay Lawrence (R – Scottsdale) from our Director of Education, Laric Lehmann: Representative Lawrence, As the Director of Education for High Desert Healing, the Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Lake Havasu City, I see the real stories of healing every day that our patients share with us. These stories are of […]

Medical Vs. Recreational – The Future of Cannabis!

With so much news lately about cannabis becoming legal for medical and recreational use across the country – how will you know which program is right for you? Here in Arizona, we face the very real possibility of marijuana going recreational in 2016 with signatures being collected to put a proposal up for a state […]

2 Years Of Wellness In Havasu!

I am extremely excited to celebrate our 2-year anniversary on October 10th! We will celebrate as we did last year with food, fun, and most importantly, SALES! It seems like time has flown by, but so much has happened over the past two years… We have established various weekly specials on both edibles and smoke. We now have ‘Happy Hour’ every Wednesday and Thursday; offering 4-gram eighths, and 8-gram quarters. Call-ins are also offered […]