New Havasu Hours

It’s time to shake things up a little at your trusted source for medical cannabis in Lake Havasu City! High Desert Healing always provides the highest quality medication & customer service – and now we’re expanding your ability to Stay Well! Introducing: NEW HDH HOURS! To better serve your needs, we’re now open Every Monday […]

Are you numbing your empathy, too?

If you’re like most Americans and experience the occasional headache or muscle pain, chances are you’ve probably taken acetaminophen to find some relief. But new research shows the drug might come with an unexpected side effect. In addition to easing physical pain, it may also affect your ability to feel other people’s pain — your […]

CBD and You: A Closer Look At Cannabidiol!

It seems you can’t read the news lately without seeing an article about a family using CBD oil to help their epileptic child, or a scientific study showing an ever-growing list of benefits from CBD therapy. Maybe you’ve had friends or family members telling you about special strains of cannabis like “Charlotte’s Web” or “Cannatonic” […]