We are a patient-oriented medical marijuana dispensary, and have been providing quality medicine to the patients of Lake Havasu City since October 2013.


Who we are

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We are the only state-authorized, legal dispensary in Lake Havasu City. We offer a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains of cannabis, and various types of edibles. Edibles include brownies, dried fruit, candies, rice krispies, juices, butter and more. We also carry medicated ointments and tinctures, as well as smoking accessories.

Our professional and trained staff assists patients in determining the best products for their medical needs.

Our Patients

Why they choose High Desert Healing

High Desert Healing is a professional medical marijuana dispensary dedicated to helping patients better their lives. We strive to help patients decrease or completely stop taking pharmaceutical pain pills, experience relief from chemotherapy’s awful side effects, reduce bacterial or cancer growth, and provide pain relief in a natural way. Job satisfaction is highly important for all employees and staff; we will maintain an enjoyable, fair, and friendly work environment respecting new ideas, diversity and determination.