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WOW – We can’t believe it’s been 4 years of helping the residents of Lake Havasu City find the finest medical cannabis available on the market – and it’s exciting to look forward to a future that’s “growing” so fast!


Back when we opened our doors in 2013 – the industry only had a few items, strains and basic edibles…but now – we’ve got DOZENS of strains every day (the largest in the area!), tons of different options for infused foods & beverages, amazing CBD products and even ways for your pets to enjoy the aboutussame Wellness you’ve come to love at HDH!

From humble beginnings to a bright future of natural healthcare – we’re proud to be your trusted source for Medical Marijuana products!

High Desert Healing is so grateful to have such amazing patients. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today celebrating our 4th birthday!

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That said, today’s (Tuesday, Oct 10) celebration isn’t about High Desert Healing, it’s about giving back to you, our patients: We’ll have Slide 5 Tues$5 prerolls, $69 half ounces of shake, $99 half ounces of bud paired along side raffles, pizza, and music – So come on down and enjoy the great sales & fun!

Happy Celebrations from High Desert Healing, Lake Havasu’s #1 dispensary!


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